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Welcome to Ten West

We provide a place in Central Indiana where kids can express themselves. We help students find their passion and explore it further. We encourage creativity which builds a well rounded person.

We're passionate about helping the community and the people within it .
"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm."
-Earl Nightingale

Community Focused

Ten West is often involved with many community events such as Ball Day and Bastille Day.

Quality Staff

It's the people behind the programs that make Ten West such a great place for the arts.

Great Facility

From the huge dance studio, to the 150 seat auditorium, our building has many amenities with more on the way! .

Community Support

Fortville believes in what we are doing at Ten West. This is one of the most important success stories we have.

It's all about helping youth stay creative. Learn more...


Ten West Center for the Arts is a performing Arts Center run by Periko Partners. Periko Partners is a 50(1)c3 Non-profit based in Fortville Indiana.

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