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Black Comedy at Ten West Center for the Arts

July 18-20 at 7pm.

This play by Peter Shaffer is written to be staged under a reversed lighting scheme: the play opens on a darkened stage. A few minutes into the show there is a short circuit and the stage is illuminated to reveal the characters in a “blackout.” On the few occasions when matches, lighters, or torches are lit, the lights grow dimmer. The title of the play is a pun.

Brindsley Miller, a young sculptor, and his debutante fiancée Carol Melkett have borrowed some expensive, antique furniture from his neighbor Harold’s flat without his permission in order to impress an elderly millionaire art collector coming to view Brindsley’s work, and Carol’s father Colonel Melkett. When the power fails, Harold returns early and Brindsley’s ex-mistress Clea shows up unexpectedly, things slide into disaster for him.

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 Coming off of a successful run of  Godspelll,  Ten West’s production will feature young actors between the ages of 14 and 19.

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Congratulations to the cast of Black Comedy at Ten West Center for the Arts!

Derek Bond- Brindsley Miller

Derek is pleased to be playing Brin in Black Comedy. He hails from Mt. Vernon High School and has performed in musicals and plays including The Music Man, Altar Egos, and Godspell. Derek has always enjoyed his time at Ten West and loves this cast! Break a leg everyone!

Shelby  Caldwell – Carol Melkett

Shelby Caldwell is a junior at Mt. Vernon. She has performed in the past at Ten West and loves this cast! She likes listening to music and singing in the high school choir when she isn’t busy with a show. She performed in Godspell at Ten West in the spring. Love you Mom and Dad.

Caitlin Gartrell – Miss Furnival

Caitlen Gartrell is so happy to be back at Ten West! She has performed in Think of the Students and was an understudy in Godspell. She loves letting loose in this role and hopes to make the audience laugh! Caitlin likes watching Dr. Who and singing with her friends in her spare time.

Rylie Gendron – Clea

Rylie Gendron is a Mt. Vernon student interested in drama and music. So it is fitting that she participates in both of those activities! She loves her Black Comedy cast and could not be happier with their hard work. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Grant Newton – Colonel Melkett

Grant is a student at Mt. Vernon. He likes singing and acting and really enjoys his role as the colonel in Black Comedy. He likes watching cult classic movies and working at the pool when he is not on stage. After the show, he will miss Falcor the most of all.

Stephani McDole– Georgina Bamberger

Stephani is featured in this, her second performance at Ten West. She has also performed in Altar Egos, and The Music Man at Mt. Vernon. Her favorites things are singing and her friends. In her spare time she works on the set at Ten West!

Jacob Owens – Harold Gorringe

Jacob has watched Ten West shows from the wings for about a year now. This time, he is starring in one! He is so excited to be with his fellow actors having a good time and making the audience laugh! He also likes singing and dancing.

Sarah Reich – Schuppanzigh

Sarah is pleased to be in another show on the Ten West stage. She didn’t have the challenge of singing in this show, but did have to learn a new accent! Thanks Mom and Dad for your undying support! Sarah likes singing and dancing with her friends

Black Comedy takes the stage July 18, 19 and 20 at 7pm. Tickets for students and adults are $5. Theatre is an experience for everyone, but this show would be classified as “PG,” so bring the kids!

Production Team: 

  • Andrew Okerson: Director
  • Ryan Dockery: Assistant Director
  • Kayla Kollmann: Stage Manager
  • Matthew Okerson: Sound Design
  • Riley Miller: Lighting Design


  • Jordan Ferrill
  • Zoe Black
  • Kade Padgett
  • Cierra Mahin

About the Art Installation Project

Because Ten West is operated by a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, we like to perform a service project that ties into the performance on stage. In this case, the main character is an artist and a sculptor. Our cast will be working to find a suitable location to erect a community art installment. We will be constructing a “Before I die” wall. It is a wall where the community is invited to write a short sentence including the one thing they want to do before they die. This is written in chalk and when the board is filled up, a picture is taken and uploaded to a database of many of these sentences before the board is erased to make room for more! Here is a link to the worldwide project.  This is our site on the page. 

This project was a success! The kids had a ton of fun with it. photo 1 (1)

Black Comedy is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.


Ten West Center for the Arts is a performing Arts Center in Central Indiana

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