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Internship Descriptions

Internship Descriptions and Responsibilities

Production Management 

A production management intern will have the opportunity to observe alongside the production managers as they oversee all production departments in facilitating the realization of the director and designers’ vision for each production.  Learn about the day-to-day running of the production office, observe technical rehearsals and attend production meetings.

Intern candidate should be strongly considering a career in management or administration.  Coursework or experience in summer theatre setting highly desired.

Hours in the department are flexible depending on the time of season the intern is available.  In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested time commitment is 20 hours a week for at least 2 months.
Stage Management 

The stage management intern experience at Ten West is set up to give the intern an internal view of the rehearsal process of a community theater.

The stage management intern will be a part of the daily duties of Ten West’s stage management team: the set up of the rehearsal hall, both the overall and the daily production paperwork, the running of the rehearsals themselves and the outside communication and collaboration with the designers and production staff.  The intern also has a unique opportunity to look at how a director puts a show together – from the rehearsal process to production/design meetings to technical rehearsals to previews to opening night.

The stage management intern candidates must have substantial previous stage management experience with a high school, college, community, or professional theatre.  The assistant stage management intern must have similar experience at a high school or early college level.


This intern would observe alongside our professional sound engineers during our maintenance period.  Learning projects would include the inspection and repair of sound equipment; the prep, load in and tech of the show they are on. Skill set: Basic knowledge of audio signal path.

Assistant Sound Board Operator

This is a chance to get deeply involved in all sound aspects of the production from wireless microphones, to speaker rigging.  We are looking for detail-oriented candidate with audio experience and enthusiasm for learning new skills in a professional environment.  A successful candidate with have a solid understanding of analog and digital audio transmission and manipulation, acoustics and theatrical production.  Experience with wireless mics, digital mixing consoles, QLab audio playback, ProTools editing and the ability to read music are a plus but not required.

Assistant Lighting Design

The Assistant Lighting Design (ALD) internship is geared for students and/or graduates who are aspiring to enter the profession of design (or assisting) and looking to deepen their experience by observing and participating in a production at a professional regional theatre.  While at Ten West, this intern will observe the work of the Lighting Supervisor and the production lighting designer through being at the tech table with the lighting designer during the tech process.  Learning projects will include tracking moving lights, follow spot cueing, focus charts during focus, and plot and paperwork updates during load in and tech.  Ten West’s Lighting Supervisor and Master Electrician will help guide and work with the ALD to improve upon communication, organizational, and software based skills.

Skill sets required for consideration: working knowledge of Vectorworks,  and Excel.  Lighting design or assistant lighting design experience preferred.

Costume Design 

An internship in costumes with Ten West is for the person seriously considering a career in costume design.

The goal of this internship is to give young designers a sense of what it takes to get from the page to the stage.  Learning projects include: Organizing design bibles; swatches; assisting with shopping, ordering and tracking; keeping up with fittings notes and needs; helping to set up and take down fittings; attending dress rehearsals.  Portfolio review required.
In order for the intern to have the optimum experience, the suggested time commitment is 20 hours a week plus attendance at dress rehearsals outside of regular hours.


The goal of an internship in the Scenic Department is to observe and learn theatrical scenery building skills, under the guidance of the Technical Director and alongside carpenters.  You will learn how to use a variety of materials and tools during a typical build, load in and strike of a show.  Interns may focus on carpentry, or on Technical Direction skills.

Basic scenery construction skills and prior experience in a professional or educational theatrical environment are ideal for acceptance into the internship program.  For applicants interested in carpentry, one must be comfortable with basic woodworking and pneumatic tools.  Welding skills are a plus but not required.  For those interested in Technical Direction, drafting experience is a plus. Your work at Ten West will help to develop these skills to the high quality level required in the professional theater.  We are seeking those who are upper level (junior or senior) or those who have already attained their high school diploma to apply.

Assistant Director/Dramaturg

The Assistant Director/Dramaturg Intern experience at Ten West is design to expose high school, undergraduate, graduate and early career directors to an internal view of the rehearsal process of a community theatre with youth.

The Assistant Director/Dramaturg Intern will attend all rehearsals, production meetings, performances and strike.  Learning projects may include: researching and preparing pre-rehearsal dramaturgy packets, running scenes, blocking scenes, giving notes, communication with stage manager and/or design team, organizing community conversations, creating lobby displays, facilitating student-lead research projects or leading post-show discussions.  The Assistant Director/Dramaturg Intern will supervise actors before and after rehearsals, during lunches and breaks, and help backstage during performances. The ideal candidate will have experience directing and/or dramaturgy at the high school, college level, or above.  Experience with youth is preferred.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications Interns assist with promotional events and appearances, as well as provide administrative support to the marketing and public relation functions of the department. Interns will gain specific marketing skills including copy writing, scheduling, research, metrics, and promotional event planning and logistics.

The ideal candidate will be a high school or college-level student interested in working in a fast paced and highly collaborative environment with a keen interest in marketing, public relations, and social media in the entertainment industry. Being detail-oriented, organized and able to meet deadlines, willingness to try out new skills, show initiative, and ask questions are essential. Experience needed in Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPress and Internet, social media; Database skills are a plus.

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