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Six Characters in Search of An Author

Auditions Announced for Adaptation of Pirandello Classic

Auditions for Ten West’s production of Six Characters In Search of An Author are scheduled for January 22 and 23 from 6pm to 9pm. Auditions are open to teens age 13-19. We will rehearse three nights per week and the play is on stage March 22-25, 2018.

About the Play:

Six fictional characters, abandoned by their creator, invade a rehearsal in progress and demand to be brought to life by a new author. But the characters’ existential agenda collides with the more lighthearted ambitions of these theatre artists, whose open rehearsal “audience engagement event” becomes darkly entangled with the characters’ tragic story. This intimate adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s absurdist classic foregrounds the comedic contrast between melodrama and the contemporary sensibilities of the acting company — all the while asking us to consider just what we believe to be real.

Creative Team:

Andrew Okerson – Director

Ryan England – Assistant Director

Matt Okerson – Lighting Designer

Stephani McDole – Production Assistant

Available Roles:

The Company (Actors will use their real names for these roles): 

DIRECTOR – Frazzled, barely keeping the train on the tracks.

STAGE MANAGER – a positive and helpful force.

ACTRESS – The ingenue type, but professional.

ACTOR – Less professional than his female counterpart.

(We are looking for a diverse cast and encourage persons of color to audition) 

The Characters:

THE FATHER – Struggling with his dark desires.

THE STEPDAUGHTER – A fiery young woman with a bone to pick.

THE MOTHER – A woman grieving the loss of her family.

THE SON – Sees the dysfunction of his family, and doesn’t want any part of it.

THE BOY – A real victim of the family’s tragedy.

THE GIRL – A real victim of the family’s tragedy.

Audition Requirements:

When are auditions?

Auditions are January 22 and 23, 2018 from 6-9pm both days. You are welcome to come anytime on either day, you only need to audition one day. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before 9pm. Our staff will welcome you and hold you until the creative team is ready for you. You should not wait longer than 15 minutes.

What should I wear for the audition?

Please wear neutral clothing you are comfortable moving in.

What should I bring and prepare for the audition?

  • A brief resume listing pertinent theater experience with headshot attached. (Headshot need not be professional, if no headshot is provided, one will be taken during the audition.)
  • One prepared and memorized monologue from a published play that is approximately 60 seconds in length.
  • A list of any major conflicts during the rehearsal process. (Three evenings per week, January-March.)

What should I expect at the audition?

The audition will last approximately five minutes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. The audition consists of the following:

  • You will perform one prepared and memorized monologue from a published play. The length of the piece should be approximately 60 seconds. You may be stopped before you finish the piece. The monologue (suitable to your age and experience) should show your range and flexibility. Choose modern material written since 1950. (See tips, below.)
  • Creative team will review your resume.
  • Following the prepared performance, questions may follow.
  • Please bring a list of any major conflicts you may have during the rehearsal process.


What tips will be helpful to prepare me for the audition?

  • Your portfolio should reflect your experience and your strengths as a performer. Include relevant theatrical experience (if you are auditioning for a role, you do not need to list technical experience).


  • Prepare your monologue carefully.
  • It should be from a published play. Choose only from plays written since 1950 (no classical, no Shakespeare). Spoken song lyrics are not a monologue.
  • Choose a character that you could be cast to play. That person would be close to your age and life experiences.
  • The monologue should show a strong arc. In other words, you should feel very different from the beginning to the end of the piece. Remember that we want to see the range of what you can do.
  • As you perform your piece, you should see the person you are talking to in your imagination. Know who you are talking to and why you are talking to him or her.
  • Really try to put yourself in the character’s shoes and perform the piece honestly.
  • We recommend that you do NOT choose any of the following:
    • Anything from Mean Girls (the film, please select a monologue from a published play)
    • Any monologue from Aladdin
    • The coat hanger sculpture monologue from You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.
    • Any monologue about committing suicide, murder, rape, abuse, alcoholism or ones containing extreme/repetitive profanity.
    • Any monologue or attempt to create a monologue from Wicked.

General Tips

  • Ask a teacher at your school to help you prepare for your audition.
  • Rehearse your monologue and song in front of teachers, family or friends.


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