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Ted Yoder In Concert

Renowned Hammer Dulcimer Player Ted Yoder To Play Ten West. 2487940

Ted Plays Ten West June 25, at 7:30pm. Get tickets below! 

Critically acclaimed musician Ted Yoder is widely considered “the Bela Fleck of the hammered dulcimer.” Though he’s a visionary artist in his own right, the comparison holds water in that Ted profoundly reimagined his instrument of choice, inventing a fresh musical vocabulary along the way—“Yoderizing”—and his virtuosity is boundless.  His recorded body of work has garnered him plaudits from the jam band community, the folk scene, worship music fans, and music lovers of all ages. When he plays live, everyone becomes a fan.

“There is a journey to creating a live music experience,” Ted says. “Your audience is waiting for you to take them someplace. When I get onstage, I strive to connect with their emotions, energy, and consciousness and take them away from their daily lives. I want our time together to give them hope, positivity, and encouragement.”

Ted is a National Hammered Dulcimer champion. He’s released five beloved and critically acclaimed solo albums, and become a master educator of the instrument.
Ted has been profiled in the Kearney Hub and on NPR’s esteemed NPR All Things Considered show, among many other features, profiles, and reviews in regional and national tastemaking outlets.

The Goshen, Indiana-based instrumentalist-composer-singer, has dazzled audiences nationally in diverse settings. In intimate gatherings, club venues, festivals, and comfy bar and grill performances, Ted forges meaningful bonds with the audience. His charisma and warm candor come through as he tailors each set to the energy of the audience.  Ted is also generous with unlocking the majesty and mystery of the hammered dulcimer before their eyes and ears. During shows he’s been known to take questions about the rarefied instrument, and sometimes even explain his unique approach to music making on the hammered dulcimer—a rare treat for fans and first timers experiencing this complex instrument.

When the master holds court, the thrill of what feels like a one-man orchestra takes hold. In performance, Ted whisks his audience away on a spiritually uplifting journey across genres. He powerfully personalizes classics across genres and eras as only he can—including Irish traditionals, worship music favorites, pop and rock songs from Eagles and The Beatles—with his symphonic solo musician touch. He also includes in his set his own gorgeously impressionistic compositions that have become modern standards for his devoted fanbase.

“I want the audience to feel like they’re in my living room and I’m playing them my music,” Ted says. “I want to share in something unforgettable and positive. Seeing their laughs, smiles, and nods is the highpoint for me.”


Ted Plays Ten West June 25, at 7:30pm. Buy Tickets Online:



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